Friday, September 23, 2011
Almost exactly thirteen years ago to the day, a seemingly insignificant event occurred, one I am certain no one else who was with us even noticed. I stole a French fry from a boy’s plate. At the time, we simply smiled at each other, and went about our evening, but months later, when we had started dating, both of us would remember that moment when we both just knew something very significant had occurred.

Today, over twelve years after officially becoming a couple, I am lucky to say the boy, Ben, is my husband. As I write this, I know that, quite honestly, there are no words to adequately express who we have become together, and what he means to me.

He somehow sees my faults as endearing qualities, remains my greatest support system, and without a doubt, is the person I have the most fun with. He always remembers to say thank you, even after a long day, even after a sixteen-hour shift, if only because I remembered to buy peanut butter for his lunch. He is the most amazing father to his little girls, and I am certain that if you asked them, they would tell you their Daddy hosts the very best kitchen dance parties.

While I can take little credit for who he is, I can truly say I am proud of him in everything he does.

So today, on the occasion of your birthday, I want to say thank you, Ben, for everything you do for our family and loved ones. You live your life with much love, generosity, and integrity, and that’s something to be really proud of. Happy Birthday, My Love. We love you more than words. xoxoxo


Melissa said...

Great post Elisa! Thanks for making me tear up into my coffee! You guys are amazing!!! xoxo

Lisa Khouri said...

I just love your blog - and I agree with your Melissa - thanks for the tears and and they are extra flowing these days! AMAZING family photo as well. Hope we can set something up on one of my trips home especially once baby Boy Bower is here :)

Victoria said...

I'm certainly happy to read this post and learn that your title is referring to an actual food item and that it is not some bizarre new nickname for your man... whew!! That being said, you've got to include warnings with these posts for those of us who might be averse to crying before noon!

I just love how you & Ben love, support and respect each other so much - and how you don't take it for granted. He IS an amazing guy (even if he won't buy an iPhone so that we can have sexy Facetime chats, LOL) and YOU are also an amazing woman... and together, you're incredible, unstoppable and so, so special (and I don't mean in the "on the short bus" kind of way!).

Thanks for sharing a little more of your story with your adoring fans :)

Anonymous said...

Gross. This makes me gag.

Just kidding... love you all!